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We are present in the sector of artistic Production of Ceramics and Porcelain prestige in line with the exclusive tradition of the Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte in Naples founded by the Spanish King Carlo III di Borbone. We create Wedding Favors for every occasion, Statues and ornaments Gifts. Our laboratory It is a veritable artisan laboratory, where ideas become reality and Porcelain is transformed into objects of use and furnishing Accessories. Wedding Favors for Wedding, Christening, Graduation Wedding Favors, Wedding Favors Anniversary, for the first Communion. Of particular relevance also articles for the furniture of the house as the beautiful Centerpiece, Baskets with Flowers and Fruit, Ornaments particular, the Candle holder, Cadre, Figurines and Sculptures Porcelain.

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Our Creations retain the Napoleonic brand that bears witness to the Originality of our Porcelain.

The wedding favor is a very particular type of gift, in which the master potters of the Capodimonte Porcelain representing Italian Excellence. With a wedding favor mass-produced, all the pieces will be equal and anonymous while with a wedding favor of Capodimonte laboratories, each piece comes made entirely by hand with the utmost care of every detail, so your guests will receive a very special gift. Modern creations and even taste for the exotic find space between gift ideas in the the Capodimonte laboratories: Traditional figurines of elephants with gold tusks, ornaments and diffusers essence embellished with shells and starfish, Ceramic Sculptures and glass and the wide range of creations inspired by elegant flowers bunches of grapes are perfect as Original Gift idea and refined.
All creations and Porcelain Gift ideas are Certified Made in Italy: addition to the Signature of the Artist who created them, they have the Napoleonic Brand and a Certificate of Originality, and obviously are packaged with utmost care in elegant boxes your gifts.

Gifts Favors Items of furniture design in Porcelain | Porcellane Artistiche di Capodimonte

Creation Production and Sale of Original Articles in the Capodimonte Porcelain, Giftware items, for christening Wedding Favors, Communion, Wedding and other Recurrences

All items are handcrafted and custom-made, and each have the original brand and authenticity certific. In addition, original and exclusive wedding favors end Porcelain, Statues and sculptures of Pulcinella Porcelain figurines, Sculptures and figures of birds in Ceramics and Porcelain collectibles, Frameworks and Picture frames with Subjects in porcelain and ceramics of Capodimonte. This laboratory specializes in the production of: Gift Ideas for Ceramics and Porcelain Particular items, complements of Décor of Design in Ceramics and Porcelain, items in Great Porcelain Artistic Style, also Elegant Wedding Favors, Flowers Baskets and Capodimonte, and Centerpiece Cornucopias with Fruit, Vases Cups in Classic style Capodimonte.


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